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Coaching News

Today it appears that Ron Prince at Kansas State will be let go. Here is the article. I said before that Gary Patterson is a Kansas State grad, and passed up a $2 million/yr offer at Minnesota. Put money on him taking the job at KSU if offered.

Texas Tech's AD has mentioned that he will attempt to renegotiate Leach's contract. (Source) Big surprise there, at $1.75 million and a possible NC contender, he would get plenty of offers this offseason. Look for him to renew his deal for more money in December if they win the Big XII and play for the title. No head coach would leave if he had a shot for a national championship, and it wouldn't matter how much Clemson offered him. Of course if they lose this week to OK State and the next in Norman, that could all change.

Rumors are that the Great Pumpkin has sent feelers out to Clemson. Clemson might be stupid enough to fire the greatest coach ever, but not dumb enough to hire Fulmer after all his negative recruiting tactics against Clemson....and that he's a big whiney baby who also cant pick an offensive coordinator.