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Ryan comments about Clemson

The Greenville News posted this today-link. Where Matt Ryan gave some nice thoughts about the rivalry with Clemson.

You might think that be would be Ryan's most memorable game against Clemson, but he retains a special place for the first game in 2005.

"That game when I was a sophomore stands out for me," he said. "What an awesome place that is to play. I'll never forget that atmosphere (at Memorial Stadium), and I know for a fact I've never seen so much orange in one place at one time. If you've never been there, going out on the field for the first time at Clemson is incredible."

The first impressions of Death Valley were enough to override a vicious hit Ryan took from Clemson's David Dunham early in the game.

"Remember it?" Ryan said. "How could I forget? They got me real good, knocked my helmet off, the whole thing. I got to the sidelines and had a couple minutes to sort of take inventory, but we were able to win the game, so that's what I remember most, winning in that atmosphere."