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Today Vic Koenning made a few comments in his part of the Tuesday press conference that really caught my attention.

When asked whether a sense of normalcy had returned...

"That’s a question that I can’t answer in the right way. I can’t be right, because in one respect, if I say 'Well things are doing this and we’re headed in this direction,' it’s going to show lack of loyalty to Tommy. Which I’ve never and will never do. The people that claim he lost the team and stuff are just outright not accurate.

"But yet if I go the other way with it, then it’s going to be perceived that I’m not ‘All In.’ So I can’t answer that in a right way. Your motivation for doing things, they’ve taken away one motivating factor – trying to do things for Tommy because he deserved it. He did so many good things for this program and for these players. Contrary to what Cullen said, he didn’t deserve that. So you have a loyalty towards that. So they’ve taken away that.

"Well, you have other loyalties now: professionalism, doing things for the players. Now coach Swinney becomes a factor in there and you’re trying to help him boost his opportunities up. And the old J-O-B thing comes in, too. You want to sit there and say, 'Hey, you’ve had three of the top five defenses in the school’s history the last three years. You’ve got a bunch that’s gotten better every week. You’d like to say you’d like to think you’re doing a good job and you shouldn't have to worry about stuff, yet you have to. But that’s the nature of this profession."

3 of the Top 5? Huh? I'm not the only one who thought the same. Don't tell me that Coach Harper and Coach Oliver's defenses werent better. Larry Williams went through the statbook and found at least 30 instances of defenses that were better, but not in the 4 categories of rush defense, scoring defense, total defense and pass efficiency defense. Fact Checking Koenning I and II.

Some are saying that if Dabo got the job, David Blackwell would get promoted to DC and VK would go. Personally I'm not too high on Blackwell, because although he was so highly touted as a recruiter and position coach at Pittsburgh, he hasnt developed our LBs all that well here and he's barely the 3rd best recruiter on staff.

The most interesting article I've seen is this one "Clemson is a hot job", which tells you pretty much what you already knew if you were a demanding diehard like myself, much to the chagrin of those dimwits on TNet who always ask "Well who would Clemson get thats better? Who would ever come to Clemson?". I just disagree with him that Butch Davis will stay at UNC for a long time, I think he's gone in 5 years.

And recently an article comparing Clemson to Washington here, with both sides represented.

Butch Davis speaks to rumors about his having contacted Clemson for the open job. This pretty much shows me that though talk radio seems to think his agent contacted Clemson, he's not interested in leaving. I dont see why he would be right now, but in 5 years he's gone from UNC. As soon as he wins the ACC or the NC, which he will the former.