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Harper thrown under the Bus, Korn to start

So instead of any firings, we got a little dingleberry from Bowden in his postgame teleconference.

"We're making a change at QB, Korn will start next week"

"We feel like we have struggled a little bit (offensively), and we need to find a spark," Bowden said to the media. "We have some injuries, and we need to evaluate our plan of attack. A mobile quarterback gives you a different look and more options.

"He runs better, so if the protection breaks down, you still have a chance to make a positive play. We have to find that spark."

A SPARK? we need a whole fucking culture change here Tom. A SPARK won't get the damn job done.

-Did you inform Cullen of this?

"Yeah we called him, Rob (Spence) called him and left a message. The players went home." = I'm too gutless to get a hold of my QB and tell him in person before letting him find out from TigerNet.

-What about the play calling?

"Rob hasn't forgotten how to coordinate an offense in six weeks. He's got a 3 year track record here."

What? he knew in the first place?

-Has Korn taken any 1st string snaps in practice?

"No, well, maybe a couple."

Why the hell not? even in practice?

-Did you think of making the change last night?

"No, just going by his performance last year, I just didnt want to make a decision on that during the game when I havent looked at the tape."

Dumbass. You say you need a spark, and you didnt think we needed one last night? Worst gameday coach ever. So basically instead of taking any blame for the shitty performance last night, you toss Cullen under the bus and protect Spence for the time being. I give you 2 weeks before you toss Spence under too. If the players aren't at all prepared to play the game, its YOUR FAULT.


I disagree with her that Korn will do very poorly, but I expect Paul Johnson to throw the kitchen sink at him and the love affair with Will Korn will end soon enough at Clemson.