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I get a call this morning to hear the GREATEST NEWS EVER!


Dabo promoted to head man, hopefully he shitcans Spence and takes over playcalling. Thankfully the Administration decided to NUT up and use that IPTAY revenue for good use. $4 million payout to Bowden after the firing.

Clemson will hold a press conference today at 5:15PM EST to announce the changes.


So after watching the conferences in their entirety, I can write down the facts of what we find out. They spun things their way after Danny Ford too, remember.

-TDP says Bowden put the option of his resignation on the table. TDP accepted it, and denies he was fired.
-All of it was decided in their usual meeting this morning.
-They (Dabo and TDP) declined comment on what Cullen Harper said today.
-TDP admitted he was the one who went to Barker and asked for the current contract Bowden is under, giving him the buyout.
-Bowden gets his salary for the rest of the season, then the $3.5 million payout. This basically amounts to $4million and it comes from the contingency fund.
-Dabo's first decision was to fire Spence. He and Billy Napier will share playcalling duties, with Napier in the press box. No defensive staff changes were made. Brad Scott stays at OL.
-At the end of the TDP conference, he was asked whether Danny Ford was a candidate. He replied that he was not.


The press conferences will be available online for a bit, and have them.


Dabo's first decision was the right one. He did exactly what I wouldve done in the situation. I still have questions about whether this is the right man for the job longterm, or even interim as I posted in a previous entry. But, it cant get much worse than we saw the last 2 weeks. This offense was pitiful, and judging from the player comments coming out, Bowden had lost them after the way Harper was treated when Spence got no blame.

Dabo talks alot like Ford used to, he said "If its a bad call (offensive play), its my bad call." Perhaps we have someone who will take blame when its on him. His press conference was vanilla, but refreshing to hear.

Harper, I believe, should be benched permanently. He's a senior, so let him finish the season on the pine. The things he said, while true, are devisive and while I hate Tommy as a coach, Harper is on the team and should keep his damn mouth shut. His dad, well he can say what he wants, thats his dad and I expect him to be upset and defend his son. Tommy did him wrong by benching him via voicemail, of course, but Harper is the one who doesnt play worth a shit. If you ask me, Harper shouldve been pulled 3rd Q of Alabama, and at the least the 4th Q of Maryland...Tom stuck by him longer than I wouldve. He suddenly lost his ability to read defenses, check down, and properly throw a football (throws off his back foot).

While I could see Tommy taking the path less trodden and offering his resignation unsolicited, I doubt I would see the conversation with TDP that way if I was in the room. I suspect it really went down that TDP told him if they couldnt go to the ACCCG, he'd be fired, at which point Tommy gave up.

I've been highlighting candidates so far, and Pedersen (Boise State) and Lane Kiffin are next.