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Dabo's first game-Georgia Tech

Well, I was there for Tammy's first game, and I was in the stands today to see Clemson play Georgia Tech. I had hoped to get there early enough to see the TigerWalk but traffic was just awful coming in. I also missed them running down the hill thanks to the fact that TD North has 2 people taking tickets and 35,000 trying to get to the upper deck.

But anyway...

My overall impression is that we finally battled for a whole game, a first this season. I could see some intensity from the sidelines that wasnt there before.

-INT from Grisham was a play where he had no business throwing the football.
-Korn's INT was caused by him getting creamed...then he was out of the game. My impression early was that he looked nervous.
-Aaron Kelly actually caught passes for once.
-Thank God they only called 2 or 3 screens the whole game. If Spence was there we'd have run 10. The one on Kelly was actually a good call.
-Dabo made halftime adjustments! He quit the tricky shit and decided to play mostly Gun with Zone Read as the main running play....but I do hate the Zone read.
-Unfortunately those adjustments did not include running the football any better. JD 8 carr-26 yds for the game. J. Harper ran well, but he cant hold onto the fuckin ball. I hate players that cant hold the ball or catch....see Aaron Kelly.
-Our OL still sucked. Its a fucking sad state when Hutch is your best OL.
-T. Austin should be benched, snap the football properly please. There is no excuse for not executing snaps well after week 1.
-The holding call at the end of the game was total bullshit.
-The 'running into the kicker' was just as awful. Refs really blew this game for us. I hear from those watching the game on TV that the announcers felt likewise.

And my main gripe, was not Cullen's weak arm or imprecision with the passes he threw on some cases, but the WRs....THEY NEVER GET OPEN. You dont see on TV how the WRs play, but these guys get NO separation, whatsoever. Yes, Cullen didnt see at least 2 or 3 plays where the receiver did get open, but they were rarely open for the time Cullen had to throw the ball. WHY cant Ford just run a Fly? You cant tell me he cant get beyond the CB on his ass, get him the ball more of this handoff at LOS shit, or 2 yd pass shit.

Its not that GT is bad, they are a talented D. Our guys run bad routes, all of them. The cuts our WRs made are slow and predictable.