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Dabo the Man?

I was reading TNet this morning, getting royally pissed off at the stupidity of most posts, as usual, (especially about Bill Cowher and Paul Johnson coming here...are you people stupid?) when I saw that TDP was giving an informal presser and then someone posted a new Larry Williams blog about Dabo remaining as head coach. This, on top of the usual lovefest from TNet sucking off the coach, drove me crazy. The fact that our recruits that have remained committed have begged that we keep the same staff just proves to me further that 18 year old kids are stupid. Particularly Ben Axon, what idiot would ever pick SC?

Now, I like LW, he usually has things close to spot-on, but he is premature here. While I would certainly love to keep Dabo on-staff, along with Napier, I don't see it happening. I'm torn as to whether we should keep our two best recruiters versus cleaning out the house and changing the culture around this team. Is Dabo taking the right steps? Yes. Has he proven he can win? No. Will he? maybe, but its a tough road. If our OL gets healthy, and we block better, people will instantly believe Dabo is the answer, write it down.

What should make Clemson fans decide on a coach is his resume and facts, and not your emotional perception of the way things are around here.

I was encouraged by this from LW:
Phillips went on to say that he prefers someone who has ties to the area.

"They would have an edge, because Clemson is a lot different than Los Angeles," he said.

Phillips said he's working with a sense of urgency on this, and he said he'd like to have something done within the first 10 days of December -- "as quick after the regular season as possible."

He didn't rule out something happening before the end of the regular season.

This indicates to me that guys beyond TX are not in the short list for the job. No Kiffin, no Whittingham, Petersen, etc. Muschamp, Swinney, Johnson (crap), and perhaps Patterson or Bud Foster could be there at the top of the list. The truth is that all those coaches will still be employed in December and probably working. We will need him to come in and set up his staff immediately and get to recruiting. However, if Muschamp is playing for the national title, he'll be in the same boat Richt and Pelini were previously. I wouldnt fault the guy for staying at TX to win the title and coming here afterwards.

Spiller staying or leaving?

Today Spiller commented on staying if Dabo kept the job, versus possibly leaving if he didnt. If Spiller leaves after this season, he's as big an idiot as Derrick Hamilton.

Taking shots downfield?

While we took a few against GT, we didnt take enough to satisfy me. Tell me why we don't send Jacoby on a fly route? What team's DBs can run with him outside of FSU?

LW's practice tidbits echoed some of that:
-- Judging from his statements over the past week, it's probably not a stretch to conclude Swinney thought the Tigers should've been throwing downfield a lot more this year.

Spence drew a lot of criticism for his reluctance to take shots. Swinney clearly sees the merit of throwing deep -- even if the throws are incomplete.

"We’ve got to take shots," he said. "First half, second half. Even if you don’t complete it, you send a message. The greatest weapon that a wideout has is the threat of running by somebody. If you don’t have that threat, there’s no fear in the secondary. And so they can sit heavy on you. So if you have the threat of running by people, then it creates space and allows opportunities to throw underneath."

Something tells me this is music to Clemson fans' ears. Because a lot of them had been making these precise arguments when Spence was running the show.

At least TDP was right when he said Dabo had his finger on the pulse of the Clemson nation. I just dont buy into the platoon at QB idea, the season is lost now, so you might as well play Korn the majority of the time if healthy.

A reason to love Dabo

One of Swinney's new mandates: If you're hurt in a game, don't collapse on the field and wait for the trainers to arrive.

"I can’t stand to see a guy laying on the field," he said. "Get off the field unless you need an amputation or there's a stretcher coming out there or you're unconscious."

Well you cant help but like the guy after that.

Dumb shit

Some dumb fuck picked Harper as a semifinalist for the Johnny Unitas Award?

Clemson, SC—Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper has been named one of 10 semifinalists for the Johnny Unitas Award. The honor is presented each year to the top senior quarterback in the nation and is named after all-time great Johnny Unitas who played quarterback at Louisville as a collegian, and for the Baltimore Colts in the NFL. Last year’s winner was Matt Ryan of Boston College.

The 10 remaining candidates for the 2008 award are Tom Brandstater of Fresno State, Chase Clement of Rice, Chase Daniel of Missouri, Cullen Harper of Clemson, Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, Brian Johnson of Utah, Curtis Painter of Purdue, John Parker Wilson of Alabama, Pat White of West Virginia and Drew Willy of Buffalo.

What the fuck do these writers do with their time?

Probably the same idiots that made this shit that I saw on Block-C.