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Could it be?

I first saw this on TNet this morning....

Is it over? Plyler Blog

Plyler has said, and this is mere rumor and speculation, that the Board of Trustees has been called together for a meeting today in Clemson to possibly discuss the future of the coaching situation.

Here is what I know at this point:
*Several key players in this decision understand that a change has to be made. It is now not a matter of if but has now become a matter of when.

*I was told by a very good source that one of the board of trustees cancelled an important business meeting this morning because he had to head to Clemson. I do not know the nature of his visit to Clemson and it may be a sheer coincidence. It is not fair to assume that this concerns football but I think it is fair to be intrigued by the timing.

*I have some information about Clemson’s interest in replacement candidates and information about potential candidates’ interest in Clemson. However, until a change is made I think it is inappropriate to discuss. I hope you will agree on this policy. Believe me, the blog will discuss in detail potential candidates as soon as an opening occurs but this is not the appropriate time.

*I have been told that several key boosters, former members of the board and top university officials have been in contact with the athletic department. These contacts obviously started last week but have continued throughout the early part of this morning and more are scheduled this afternoon.

*I have been in contact with a couple of college coaches this morning (none of the Clemson staff) as they have called to see if anything is happening today.

At this point it would not surprise me if they do something this afternoon or later this weekend. It also would not surprise me if they waited until after the season to announce the decision because at least one official thinks that is the way to handle this.

The Tigers have practice scheduled for Sunday afternoon. If an announcement is coming before the Georgia Tech game, I was told it would come before that practice.

Bowden's usual teleconference is still scheduled for this afternoon. I dont expect news out of this conference on a coaching future. If its going to be done it would need to be done this weekend, to get things settled enough for practice next week. Waiting until the middle of next week would be silly. Will it happen? No, we're not that lucky.

Other fallout after the WF game....strangely ironic, 5 years later...
'The Tommy Bowden fan club arrived in a minivan and left in a Toyota Corolla.'

Will you consider firing Rob Spence before next week's game against Georgia Tech?


How about replacing quarterback Cullen Harper with redshirt freshman Willy Korn?

"I don't think that was the issue in this game. If that's the problem, I would (make a change). But I'd have to make sure that's the problem."

A fake punt call on fourth-and-1 from the Clemson 46 with less than five minutes left in the first half made little sense.

But it was only slightly worse than the short third-down passes to Aaron Kelly that Wake Forest pounced on like a kindergartner on a funnel cake.

Glad to see I wasnt the only one freaking out over the punt....

The State's Pawsitive Press Blog

And a Ron Morris gem.

After the game, Clemson offensive coordinator Rob Spence appeared to be fighting back tears as he attempted to explain his unit’s ineffectiveness.

"I don’t understand that, OK," Spence said. "That’s something we’ve got to just keep working on."

You'll be crying big time soon enough.