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Coach candidates: Chris Petersen

The 44 year old Head Coach at Boise State will soon get a big job somewhere after winning the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma in his first season and going to the Hawaii Bowl last year. At Boise State he is currently 29-3 in 3 seasons. He is an offensive guru judging from these statistical rankings via the BSU athletic site:

From 2001-05 he was the OC under Dan Hawkins (Colorado). As Boise State’s offensive coordinator from 2001-2005, he was twice (2002 and 2004) a finalist for the Broyles Award, which honors the nation’s top assistant football coach. During Petersen’s stint as offensive coordinator, Boise State featured one of the most balanced offenses in the country, averaging 41.3 points per game while also finishing as the nation’s top scoring team twice (2002 and 2003). The Broncos also finished second (2004), eighth (2005) and 18th (2001) in the nation in scoring while Petersen was running the Broncos’ offense. During Petersen’s five seasons as offensive coordinator, BSU finished in the top 15 in total offense four times, including three top10 finishes – first in 2002, fourth in 2004, and seventh in 2003. The Broncos also had four top 20 finishes in passing during that time, including a high ranking of fifth in 2003.

At the end of the 2007 season, Boise State ranked fourth in scoring offense (42.38 points per game), sixth in passing efficiency (152.93), 12th in total offense (467.38 yards per game), 23rd in passing offense (282.46), and 33rd in rushing offense (184.92).

Their special teams were 22nd in punt returns (12.25 yards per return), 20th in net punting (37.31 yards per punt), 10th in kickoff returns (24.65 yards per return) and blocked 11 kicks in ’07. The latter two would really be great to have at Clemson considering our special teams' record the last 10 years (however Powell has shored up many problems).

Boise State runs a spread attack, unlike any other team we see in the south, with alot of shotgun and both single and double back sets. They are very balanced and can run and throw the ball well. The QB is generally a pocket passer and not a runner, though Cody Hawkins at Colorado (same offense) is a good scrambler and they do have designed zone reads and QB keepers for him. Although BSU hasnt made any NFL recievers lately, they have developed QB's and RBs fairly well.

Of his recruiting we can't judge very well, the players you get at BSU are not what you'd get at a major conference school. All we can say is that he develops and motivates what he does have to play at a high level.

An intangible: He's part of Scientology. That wont fly at Clemson.

Of mention is his salary, a mere 825K at BSU, so basically anybody who ponies up will get this guy. However, being from California I would suspect he is another name for the Washington job and will stay a left-coaster....but who knows, this guy will not be at Boise State much longer.