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Coach candidates: Brian Kelly

Coaching records:
10-3 in one full season at Cincinatti, 5-1 so far this year.
19-16 at Central Michigan for 3 years with one MAC Championship his final year there.
118-35-2 in 13 seasons at Grand Valley State, with 2 Div II national championships.

Records by year...CFB Warehouse

Was a candidate for the Michigan job, along with Nebraska last offseason. He turned down the offer from Michigan (though its debated whether he was offered) but wasnt offered at Nebraska since their sights were dead on Pelini. Kelly is actually a defensive-minded coach, his OC has been with him wherever he has gone.

Having watched Kelly's Cincinnati team a couple of times on Thursdays usual crappy Big Least game, I can tell you that they dont look at all different from Clemson (when we play well). They run almost the exact same offense that Spence ran. Its a spread with tons of screens and a 2-pt OL stance. They are accused of being soft up front offensively just as we are now, although this season they have run the ball well the last couple of games that I saw (Marshall Their defense is also very close to Koenning's except that it has a different blitz pattern with the LB's.

If history is any indication, any coach who wins at Cinci will eventually leave. Mark Dantonio left after an 8-4 year to take the Michigan State job (he was former DC of Ohio State in Tressel's first years, and wasnt at UC long). The only question is who will come for him and when. I don't think his offense will do well in the Big Ten, but a spread is working at Penn State, and that area of the country tends to send coaches straight to that conference. Kelly is obviously a winner, and is a fiery coach on the sidelines, both good qualities needed here. I predict he would leave for money, since his new deal is kinda light.

We know a little about their recruiting, Rivals has them doing well (for Cincinnati). Obviously he can do well with little talent after winning 2 titles in Div. II and getting 10 wins in his first year in the Big East.

However, given that he's not the genius behind their offense, and that his ties are in the midwest, I dont think he'd be a great fit here at Clemson.