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This not good.

We gave up 338yds passing and 89 rushing to Citadel for a total of 427 yards. We also lost the Possession time 33 to 26min. Yes I know we gave up 140 of that in the 4th with the 2nd string, but our 2nd and 3rd strings shouldnt give up 140 to Citadel.

We gave up 419yds of total offense to Alabama, who put half of that (172) up against Tulane, at home. We lost possession time 41 - 18.

Does possession time really mean anything? By itself no, but its a telling statistic. If your D is on the field all the time, you wont put up numbers on offense and you'll give up tons of yardage...remember Citadel missed 2 FGs too.

The LBs arent charging the line and arent getting off blocks when they do, mostly because they are playing too high. The secondary cant do a damn thing.