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SC State Review

-JD scored! I cant believe it! But then why go with CJ the next drive? Just keep feeding it to JD til he gets tired.

-Harper's pick was deflected, people need to learn how to catch. It was 3rd and long though, after the botched snap on Wild Hog to JD, so it worked like a punt.

-Then we moved right down the field again, and Cullen throws one right at the DL in man coverage.

-Bowden put JD in the game at the goal line? Say it aint so! JD has 85 yards after one quarter and should get 40 carries today....but Tam aint that smart.

-After the first half, the Defense is playing fairly well and giving up no yards on the ground and forcing turnovers, but Cullen is shaky as hell.

2nd half

-Why is JD not getting the football? Dammit Bowden. You cant leave your two best RBs in long enough for them to get 100 yards each? No reward.

-Cullen plays like shit and cant hit a pass, 15-24, 150 yds? Why did we take him out in the 3rd for Korn? Cullen needs the practice right now, put Korn in after we're up 60.

In the postgame Bowden says they chart touches from the skill players and the "ebb and flow" of the game dictates the touches....lying through his damned teeth. If they charted touches then they know JD doesnt get the ball enough well into the game, and not giving it to him would prove he's an idiot.