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Maryland Game Review

-I hate purple jerseys.

-First drive: JD runs all over em, take JD out. Get to the redzone, dont give to JD once. ONE FUCKING TIME BOWDEN! Harper looks at Grisham, doesnt check down, throws it away.

-Do everything right...muff a punt. Great job by the D to hold to a FG.

-Throw it to Kelly, he fucking stands there and watches it as its recovered by MD. D holds them to a FG again.

-I scream at the TV for Tom to give it to JD up the middle. Result: 1st down, then 38yd TD run up the middle the next play. GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL.

-Maryland cant catch easy passes.

-Kelly is running bad routes.

-Clemson had over 200yds rushing at the 5:00 mark in the 2nd Q. I bet Bowden doesn't get 300. 225 at halftime.

-INT before the half was a bad throw, but a good call. Worked like a punt anyway.

2nd Half

-Whole defense bit on the Reverse, and they made the blocks. Hamlin ran him down from behind to make the tackle, then a safety fell in coverage in the endzone to get the TD.

-Screen to Kelly on 3rd and 23 at midfield? Genius Spence. I realize there is no play for 3rd & 23, but a 2 yard pass play wont get it.

-3rd quarter, we stop running the ball entirely. Great halftime adjustment Spence! Average 10 yards a clip in the 1st half and dont even try in the 3rd quarter. We actually lose 15 yards in the 3rd.

-Tom manages to fuck up a 17-6 lead. Why am I not surprised?

I really fucking hate you Tom Bowden.