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Good post on TNet.

In 2000 after starting 8-0, Bowden showed the people that we can be a great team. Did this carry over to 2001?


In 2003 after "the finish", people proclaimed Bowden had turned the corner. Did this carry over to 2004?


In 2006 after starting 7-1 and winning on Gameday big, people claimed we had turned the corner. Did we?


In the offseason between 2007-08 people and pundits said "this is the year Bowden 'turns the corner'" Have we started this season that way?


So how can you rationalize that even if we go 11-1 this year, that this success will carry over to 09, and '10, and forward?

You can't.

We've "waited and seen" too many times. I really hope this is the year, and I really hope we do actually turn the freaking corner. But how are we going to measure that? Do we have to wait till halfway through '09 to prove '08 wasn't a fluke (assuming we do well this year)?