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Dumb shit on TNet.

Alas, TNet has found themselves yet another correspondent who is a "sunshine pumper." For once I'd like to see Crump bring in someone who is as critical of Bowden as most of the fan base is becoming.

The wins over the past couple weeks have not turned TNet into a lovefest as others have, people are starting to wise up to this shit.

I'll pull some exceptions I have out of this....

"The following two weeks after Alabama has provided two wins, but no solace for a fan base that can’t seem to latch on to the side of the slippery mountain. A portion of the fan base has not enjoyed much of anything in the season thus far because they can’t seem to allow themselves to have hope. It is as if they have seen this movie before and they know the ending. It’s hard to blame them, as we have all been down this road before. But it is becoming almost comical how quickly and easily people are giving up. "

Yeah its a slippery mountain, covered in cowshit. I used to have hope, but the inability to deliver in down this road in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...kinda saps any left to give. If the same things happen every single year, you have to look at whomever has been here every single year, and that person is Tom. I want it fixed now, you want to give him an extension and pray he figures it out before we all die.

"There was nothing in Bostic’s comments that I could find fault with or disagree with. Then again, I’m not sure what value comments like his make two games into the season. I think Bostic over-stepped his bounds much like the crazed, nameless Internet junkies have done. "

Well Fat Brad and Bowden had a year to prepare, so evidently they ain't calling out the OL. What I see him saying here is that Bostic has no right to call out the OL because he's not "pumping sunshine."

"Maybe Bostic is some covert coach for the offensive line, trying to motivate the guys to play better and play with a meaner streak. Clemson’s freshman offensive lineman did step up, opening enough holes for the Tiger offense to grind out 166 yards rushing at almost 6 yards per run against a decent Wolfpack defense. And, in case you were wondering, the offensive line did not give up a sack either. "

Maybe...just maybe, because its NC STATE. With CJ and JD, we should put 200 yds on everybody but FSU this year.

"But that has become the norm for Clemson football and those that follow it with a passion. At the first signs of trouble, tons of folks begin to jump off the ship. In some corners, this season has already been thrown away. Not, necessarily, because of what has happened on the field. But because of this gnawing feeling of what will happen. "

See 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...I'm already off the Bowden Boat, but we're all on the Clemson Boat.

We havent thrown the season away, we can still win the division. I have no confidence Tom wont choke in the ACCCG, and I still hope TDP wises up and fires him, or Barker fires them both.

As one of my friends says, Tom Bowden=Jim Donnan. He'll get us to the hump, but never over it.

If we cant win the ACC now, while Miami and FSU are down, we're NEVER going to win it consistently.