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Bostic calls out current wimpy OL

Joe Bostic, former OL who along with his brother are two of the best offensive linemen we've ever put into the NFL, calls out the sorry OL we currently have in the Greenville News.

"I'm pretty passionate about the school and our tradition in football," said Bostic, 51, "and yes, I made the trip to Atlanta to watch what Alabama did to our team.
"It was about the worst performance I have ever seen from an offensive line in all my life," he said. "I can't imagine, I literally can't get the image in my head of an offensive line playing worse than ours did that night. Alabama lined up in three-point stances and blew our offensive line apart; we just looked like a bunch of softies out there."
He said he read coach Tommy Bowden's comments about holding top players out of contact drills leading up to the Alabama game and found that approach contrary to what he knew when he played at Clemson.
"Let me say I respect Tommy Bowden," Bostic said. "I think he's a good man. I think he does things the right way and he wants to do right by those kids he brings in.
"Maybe I'm just an old man who has seen the world pass him by," he said, "but I'm not seeing the toughness, the intensity, the saltiness I expect to see in our offensive line.
"This might be something people don't want to hear, but it's the way I learned how to play football, and that is toughness is something you build, something you grow into as a football team.
"You don't show up for a game and say, 'I think this will be a tough game, I'll be a tough player today," Bostic said. "Toughness shows up in football teams every week, every game, every practice. You don't turn it on and off; you develop it over time."

And his best comment...

"I understand winning seven, eight and nine games isn't bad," he said, "but I'm tired of being good but not being real good, of being good one week and bad the next week. Tough teams aren't inconsistent like that, and I wish we could get back to that tradition."

I want to see TNet jump on this guy. They're always set to call anyone who calls out the football team a Coot, so lets see you call out one of our greats.