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"There's No Tickling in Football!": Defensive Strategies Discovered While Watching a Three-Year-Old

Dawg Sports, inspired by a game played with a three-year-old, took the time to examine the NCAA college football rule book in order to learn the answer to an age-old question: "Is tickling allowed while tackling?"

The 411 on the 1-3-1

Japer's Rink breaks down the 1-3-1 system that the Lightning use defensively. Pretty good read. Pictures, video, analysis.

The Process of Learning Brian Agler's Defensive Schemes and "Pavlovian Basketball"

It is no secret to incoming players that Seattle Storm coach Brian Agler's defensive schemes can be among the most difficult things for newcomers to adjust to. Of course, the question for both coaches and players is how to navigate that process of getting to immediate reactions.

Penn State vs MSU, Defensive Strategy

In the fan shot thread about my PSU-MSU Game Preview, TheJuggerNitt said, Also, isn’t the purpose of the Cover 3 to prevent the big play, but that it allows the little dink and dunks. The whole "bend but don’t suck"?So, I discuss the difference between the Cover 3 and 4. Quick version, Tom Bradley is smart and Pat Narduzzi is dumb. And as far as my preview went, I had so much humble pie on Saturday that I won't be having pie on Thursday. I was only wrong about MSU getting an early lead, the d-line generating pressure, DC throwing an INT, huge special teams returns and Penn State putting together drives consisting of more than 3 plays. However, I think I did correctly spell the players names.

Inside the Steele Curtain: Robber

Clemson/Alabama Cover 1 Robber Defense

Inside the Steele Curtain: Cover 3 Zone Blitzes

First thing to get straight in your head is that a zone blitz is not what is called anytime you see a Defensive linemen drop into coverage. In reality, a DE may have a seam/flat responsibility on...

GT: Defending the Run & Shoot

The R&S is quite difficult to defend. Each team that uses it has different characteristics and philosophies. One constant, however, is that the QB is the key. If he can scramble and attack the...

Inside the Steele Curtain: 4-3 Over/Underfronts

It occured to me that you can't really explain any blitz packages without giving an explanation of the different defensive fronts you see in a 4-3. When you think of a 4-3 defense, most of you will...

More on the 4-3: Stunting

Defenses today have to be multiple; there is no true 4-3 or 3-4 set anymore that is played on every down. Last year's Alabama team played a 3-4 base, but essentially only played a 3-4 40% of the...

Inside the Steele Curtain: Defending the spreadwith the Nickel defense

The first topic to address is the misconception that the spread offense is a system on its own, it isnt. The spread is a set of formations with 3 or more wide receivers, thats all. Steele comments...

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