Clemson University: A Football Factory?

Since Dabo Swinney took the reigns of Clemson's football program back in 2008, Clemson's reputation for producing legitimate NFL prospects has seen a considerable boost. But just how much has the quality of players produced by Clemson improved?

Chad "Swag" Kelly Dismissed from Clemson Football

Chad Kelly's Clemson football career has come to a close.  Kelly, the fiery 2012 enrollee, capped off a tough weekend by getting dismissed from the Clemson football program by Dabo Swinney. ...

2014 Spring Game Open Thread

Spring drills end today with the 2014 Clemson Football Spring Game.  This is a great time for the fans to see all players in Death Valley.  Most interesting is the offensive side of the...

Position Analysis: Offensive Line

Robbie Caldwell is a Furman graduate who went to work there for about a decade after graduation as the OL coach under then-HC Dick Sheridan. Dick Sheridan, the only guy that could give Danny fits...

2013 Position Analysis: DBs and Mike Reed

Coach Mike Reed assumed the defensive back coaching duties here following the departure of Charlie Harbison after the 2012 football season. Reed's college playing experience was at Boston College...

2013 Position Analysis: TEs / ST w/ Danny Pearman

Danny Pearman is Clemson's Tight Ends coach and special teams coordinator. We will assess these areas along with recruiting in this discussion.

Position Analysis: Running Back

Tony Elliott was a WR at Clemson from 1999-2003 and a guy who came from a tough background who walked-on the team in 1999 and earned a scholarship as a starter during his later years. While Elliott...

Four Suspended for Trip to Athens

It is being reported that OL David Beasley, OL Shaq Anthony, DB Garry Peters, and DE Corey Crawford will be suspended for the season opener at UGA.

Position Analysis: Defensive Line

Marion Hobby was brought on the staff back in January 2012 when Chris Rumph decided to leave for the DE position at Alabama, who has now moved on to Texas. Hobby was a former DL/DE coach at Clemson...


Oculus Renderings are available


The PDF renderings are here, but you'd need to be an architect to understand most of it. I don't see the Tiger Paw Bat Signal, someone email DRad and tell him Tiger Paw Bat Signals = Multiple National Championships.

2013 Position Analysis: Jeff Scott and the WRs

Jeff Scott is the wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Clemson. We'll evaluate the receivers based upon route running, pass catching, and blocking. We'll then look into the job Scott has done as Clemson's recruiting coordinator.

2013 Position Analysis: OC / QB Coach Chad Morris

2013 was Chad Morris' third season as Clemson's offensive coordinator. He came to Clemson from Tulsa after the 2010 season, replacing Billy Napier as both OC and quarterbacks coach. Here is what we...

Safety Ronald Geohaghan to Transfer

One more scholarship frees itself up for 2014.

Watkins got Batson'd?

"Coming here, I am thinking, ‘I might get faster, I might not,’?" Watkins said. "In two weeks, I can tell I am 10 times more flexible. I am working on muscles we didn’t work on (in college), different stretches, different workouts."

The State

Enter the Simulator

We've simulated Clemson's football season 1,000 times and have the results here. Now, it's your turn to have your own projections run through our simulator.

2014 Pre-Spring Scholarship Breakdown

This is a live post and will be edited as necessary until August, when the scholarship count must be fixed at 85.

2013 Football Season Review

Editor's Note: Season Review posts are intended as summaries of the season for use as a single reference later, not exhaustive review posts. These are team-written. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012...

Swinney Contract Extension: My Extended Thoughts

We've discussed the Swinney contract extension here a bit but I hadn't taken the time to do the simple math to understand exactly what the numbers mean for Clemson University.  This is by no means...

Where Do Clemson's Players Come from?

Today we will take a look at geographical player hometown representation for Clemson along with a couple other schools around the Southeast.

Clemson ACC Football Schedule Released

The ACC has released their college football schedule for 2014, and we take a look at what Clemson is up against.

Dabo Swinney's Ridiculous Contract Extension

As many have already heard, Clemson signed Dabo to an 8-year $3.15 Million per year contract extension today, when nobody else has even come calling for him and his agent has attempted multiple...

Football 2013 Recap / Spring Preview (Video)

Ryan sat down with Mark Rogers to discuss the 2013 season, Spring Camp, the season ahead, and the state of the program.

DE Vic Beasley will Return to Clemson for 2014

The deadline for declaring is tonight and All-American Vic Beasley has decided to return to Clemson for his last season. With both him and Crawford returning, Clemson's DLine will return everyone...

Orange Bowl Game Film Review

ESPN Play-by-play CU at 25 - Reverse/sweep for Sammy for 3. SW was lined up basically right behind Thomas...QB Power for no gain, probably because Shatley never actually hit a single OSU player...

Watkins, Bryant and Breeland Declare for NFL Draft

Clemson released official information on the 3 today. We have not heard of other official announcements. My opinion on Bryant and Watkins was a topic last week, and I believe both Breeland and...

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