Howard's Rock Vandal Still Awaits Judgement


I hope they string the little shithead up by the balls, but you know they'll let him off.

Phil Steele 2014: #23 Clemson


Here is Phil Steele's break down of this years Clemson football team.

Phil Steele's Preseason All-ACC teams


Do you see any obvious snubs? I think I could make a case for Battle and Mike Williams to be on one of the teams on offense. I'm also surprised Steele didn't put Mackensie Alexander on the 3rd or 4th team since he usually loves throwing in a few young 5 stars.

Jack Leggett has to go, gently or otherwise


Gene Sapakoff of the Charleston Post & Courier from this past Sunday's paper (5/18/2014) writes a front page piece on the downfall of the Clemson baseball team, and he lays the issues at hand on Jack Leggetts feet. His claims that the team has regressed due to not developing superior talent brought in, not recruiting NC & SC, and Jack's unwillingness to bring in a successor to mentor has stagnated this program and that he feels that AD Dan Radakovich should move to remove him from this program.

Stanford QB David Olson transfers to Clemson for his final year of eligibility


He's a fifth year QB from Irmo that has been a backup at Stanford, appearing in one game. He gives us some depth at the position. I expect he will at least start at 3rd string QB after Watson.

Yanity Out, Munson In as Clemson Football Play-By-Play Man


Clemson has replaced Pete Yanity after 11 seasons as Tiger Football play-by-play man. Yanity has turned down the opportunity to remain on as a member of the basketball announce team. "Coach" Don Munson is currently the Clemson University media czar. He filters media items and controls what goes in and out of the Clemson AD. Munson has been on the Clemson staff and a part of the Clemson Radio Network for 16 years. You'll probably recall that he calls Tiger Baseball games for the network. Yanity replaced legendary Jim Phillips and had very big shoes to fill. Yanity is sports director at WSPA-TV in Sparkle-City while Munson is right in the middle of the Clemson AD...

Saban visits Charlotte


We need to get Pearman the hell out of Charlotte before Saban takes them all.

Charlotte Bidding for Future ACC Baseball Tournament


Per the, with the opening of their new minor league stadium, the city of Charlotte is bidding on bringing in the ACC baseball tournament to the city. The town already hosts the ACC football championship, and with the new stadium downtown, fans would have no need for rental vehicles. This would be a good change up from the tournaments over the past few years in Durham and Greensboro.

Unlimited Food: NCAA Ruling Could Add Fascinating Layer to Recruiting


Per Andy Staples of, he gives a fresh take on what the new NCAA ruling of opening up the training table to athletes for all meals and snacks could eventually lead too. And by that, he means professional chefs and fine dining for those who wear a schools emblem. His mentions for Clemson are good ones, as the Esso Club and the Smoking Pig are great destinations, but I'd imagine Sardi's Diner would throw down some ribs for the players, Paw's Diner would provide the better meat an 3, and Just More would clean house with it's BBQ platter. Only thing not mentioned in this though that I wish would be looked at is if these would be open for all students, similar to how the "Training Table" must be available to all students. I'd image that is the rule, but would like to know more.

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