Danny Ford


Danny Ford talks the Rivalry, Orange Bowl

It's Officially Summer--Sunday Thoughts

This was one of those offseason weeks that saw a lot of Clemson legends get their due amongst other things going on in Tigertown. The big news of the week was the decision to make Coach Danny Ford...

Finally! Coach Ford is in the Clemson ROH!

It has been a long, long time coming for these two men but now both have been bestowed the highest honor the Clemson University Athletics Department can give...the Clemson Ring of Honor. Both will...

An Interview with Danny Ford

Great interview by Anna Hickey

Florida State Dannystalgia

Clemson/FSU Dannystalgia

The Danny Ford Show 1989

Old videotape recording of 1989 season coach's show

Clemson Football 1988

Clemson Football 1988 coach's show with Danny Ford

Coach Ford comments on the Situation

Coach Ford comments on the Situation

Sawchik talks with The Man

Sawchik talks with The Man

A Raw-boned Country Boy

Click it.


20 years....

20 years since the unjustified firing of Coach Danny Ford, a look back at the rumors that encircled Clemson at the time.

The Man Discusses His ACC Legend Status/Defines Clemson Football

I don't understand why Clemson won't give Danny Ford the freaking respect that he deserves, as the ACC has given him the LEGEND status.  Read this article for the Q&A by Bob Gillespie...

Its about damn time he gets recognized

Danny Ford can be in the ACC Legends Class, but not in the Ring of Honor alone itself? Ford, who now lives just outside of Clemson in Pendleton, S.C., began his head coaching career as the...

Danny Ford for Governor

Its pretty obvious our current one is a dumbass, so lets get one who will inspire fear to all those entering the state, lets vote for Danny Ford.Its about time we had another beer-chugging,...

The 1985 Clemson Steroid scandal

Motivated by an argument with a stupid coot friend, I decided to do some digging into one of the scandals of the '80s that is less mentioned now. The 1980s were to college football what the 1960s...

Breakfast with Danny Ford

Obviously both of us are huge Ford fans, as we both grew up in the '80s and can recall the days when we used to dominate people on the field. However, I had never met Coach Ford in person until a...

Danny Ford put Clemson on the map againstNebraska

This article by Doug Nye caught our attention. WHEN CLEMSON AND Nebraska square off in the Gator Bowl on Thursday, the game will mark the second meeting on the football field between the schools....

Flashback: 1978 Gator Bowl

Clemson's Steve Fuller-led team finished the 1978 season 10-1, with their first ACC Title since 1967.Ranked 6th, Clemson was invited back to Jacksonville (we got whipped 34-3 the year before by...

TNet Post of the Year Award goes to...

Joe Cobb for this post yesterday.Nothing Left To Win.In November 1989, we didn’t have much to play for against USC. We had locked up a bowl bid, had lost the ACC championship, and had no national...

Clemson's NCAA Infractions and the truth about Ford-1982.

I will first preface this post by saying that nobody worships Danny Ford more than myself, in my mind he remains on a pedestal no matter what he does. I just think some people should take a long...

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