Editors Note: this is a user fanpost.

So UGA is ranked better than Clemson. Says who?

Yall know what time it is.

It’s time to feel the temperature dip a little in the shade. It’s time to see the arc of the sun drift lower in the sky. And it’s time for the leaves to begin to brown and die like so many perfect records.

Pigskin is upon us.

And everybody’s season starts at 0 and 0. Every team is equal. Yet the AP poll says otherwise. UGA is the 5th best team in the nation? Clemson is the 8th best? Northwestern is the 22nd?

Says who?

The AP. The Associated Press. Which certainly includes some gridiron aficionados who know what they are talking about. No doubt. But it also includes hand sanitized gossip mongers who know more about dissecting Johnny Manziel’s latest tweet than a spread offense.

Preseason rankings are false prophecies.

But they get in people’s heads. Look at Vegas. The current spread on the game varies between + 2 and + 3 in favor of UGA. People are monetarily committed to Georgia winning the game. Just because of a number tossed in front of their acronym.

A number.

#5 don’t mean jack. #8 don’t mean jack. And if Clemson wants to win on Saturday then we can’t pay any more attention to that number coming from the AP than we would if it came from someone selling half eaten funnel cakes on ebay. We must be totally blind to it. And come to think of it?

Faith is blind.

To win Saturday Clemson must fly down the hill with the blind faith that we will exit victorious. Not just the team. But every fan who’s ever sipped a cold one from an orange koozie. Because the team’s done just about all it can to prepare for when the lights go on in Death Valley on Saturday. The players have worked out all summer under the hotter’n hell sun. The masters of flesh chess up in the box have their game plans all drawn up and ready to go. Now the time is near for the orange & purple faithful to do their part. To encourage. To boast. To cheer. To get wilder than hell up in them bleachers on saturday night. Because blind faith is contagious. And that’s why a home field advantage is a real thing.

So spread the faith.

Because on Saturday we won’t see a game between #5 and #8. We’ll see a game between us and them. That’s all. Georgia vs. Clemson. And with faith we won’t just beat them in our house.

We’ll steamroll them into I-85 all the way back to Athens.

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