Who should Clemson schedule out of conference?

So out-of-conference we play Sakerlina in Death Valley in even years & in Columbia in odd years. We need to schedule 1 other high profile game so we have 5 home/5 away vs BCS competition. We finish the schedule with cupcakes at home vs 1 of our states 6-7 FCS teams & someone from the MAC or Sun Belt. 7 home games. The ACC has Notre Dame scheduled every 3 years starting in 15.

Here's a list of our BCS out-of-conference opponents since Tommy Bowden & how they finished:

Loss. 99. @ Virginia Tech. #2. 11-2. Won Big East. Lost National Championship (Sugar).

Won. 00. Missouri. 3-8

None. 01.

Loss. 02. @ Georgia. 13-1. #3. Won SEC. Won Sugar.

Loss. 03. Georgia. #7. 11-3. Won SEC East. Won Citrus.

Loss. 04. @ Texas A&M. 7-5. Lost Cotton

Win. 05. Texas A&M. 5-6

None. 06.

None. 07.

Loss. 08. vs Alabama (Georgia Dome). #6. Won SEC West. Lost Sugar. 12-2.

Loss. 09. Texas Christian. #6. Won Mountain West. Lost Fiesta. 12-1.

Loss. 10. @ Auburn. #1. Won SEC. Won National Championship. 14-0.

Win. 11. Auburn. 8-5. Won Peach.

Win. 12. vs Auburn (Georgia Dome). 3-9.

Win. 13. Georgia. Music City bowl bound. Projected 9-4.

14. @ Georgia

15. Notre Dame

16. ? My pick is @ Tennessee. Or vs Ole Miss (Georgia Dome).

17. ? My pick is Tennesseee. Or vs Vanderbilt (Georgia Dome).

18. @ Notre Dame

19. ? My pick is Georgia.

20. ? My pick is @ Georgia

21. Notre Dame

Terry Don Phillips had scheduled 15 Ole Miss, 16 @ Ole Miss & 19 Oklahoma State, 20 @ Oklahoma State but Clemson had to cancel both series because of the short-lived 9 game ACC schedule.

Personally, I want Tennessee. We haven't played them since 03 Peach Bowl. We upset the 10-win #6 ranked Vols that game. They play Virginia Tech in Bristol in 16 so they need a home game & we can play them there. Then they can come to Death Valley in 17.

Ole Miss has a full schedule in 17 but we can play them in Atlanta to kickoff the season in 16.

I want Georgia again in 19 & 20. Renew the rivalry twice every 6 years.

I hope D-Rad is working hard at this. I think it'll be difficult. Big XII, B1G & PAC have 9 game scheduled & SEC is too chicken shit to play BCS teams out of conference (see Tennessee vs Oregon). They will schedule 3-4 cupcakes & save their losses for conference games to make it look like they're so deep. The only time you really see an OOC game for them is when am Alabama plays a mid-tier BCS team. #SEC speed

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