Clemson's perfect schedule in the 14-team ACC

The ACC released football schedules from 2014-2024 this summer. They're forcing annual match ups with Boston College, Syracuse, Louisville & Wake Forest because they happen to be in the same division, while we only play North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, & Miami twice every 12 years. Here's our new crossover schedule:

'14 UNC. '16 Pitt. '18 Duke. '20 Virginia. '22 Miami. '24 Va Tech.

'15 @ Miami. '17 @ Va Tech. '19 @ UNC. '21 @ Pitt. '23 @ Duke.

If John Swofford can get the NCAA to change its' rule about conferences needing 2 divisions to have a championship game, Clemson can enjoy playing football in the ACC a lot more. Luckily, the SEC & B1G have the same problems with their 14 teams.

The rule should be each school had 3 annual rivals & should play the other 10 schools every other year (5 games) for a total of 8 conference games. Then #1 would play #2 in the ACC Conference Championship. No more #12 10-2 FSU vs 6-6 Ga Tech. Here are the annual rivals:

School 1 2 3
Miami vs FSU 47x, 475 mi
Pitt 32x, 1175 mi
BC 29x, 1495 mi
FSU vs Miami 47x, 475 mi
Clemson 26x, 355 mi Ga Tech 22x, 250 mi
Ga Tech vs Clemson 57x, 125 mi Virginia , 510 mi
FSU 22x, 250 mi
Clemson vs Ga Tech 57x, 125 mi
FSU 26x, 355 mi
NC State 69x, 280 mi
  • Clemson, FSU & Tech all play each other. FSU really wants to travel to Atlanta & also plays Miami. Clemson plays NC State. Tech plays Virginia. Miami plays Big East rivals Pitt & BC.
School 1 2 3
UNC vs NC State 76x, 30 mi
Duke 81x, 10 mi
Virginia 80x, 180 mi
NC State vs UNC 76x, 30mi
Wake 80x, 105 mi
Clemson 69x, 280 m
Duke vs Wake 78x, 80 mi
UNC 81x, 10 mi Cuse 2x, 625 mi
Wake vs Duke 78x, 80 mi
NC State 80x, 105 mi
BC 20x, 770 mi
  • All the NC schools play 2 other NC schools. UNC plays Virginia. Duke & Wake play the 2 private schools from up north because who else would want to play any of those 4?

School 1 2 3
Va Tech vs Virginia 75x, 150 mi
Lville 7x, 385 mi
Pitt 12x, 320 mi
Virginia vs Va Tech 75x, 150 mi Ga Tech , 510 mi
UNC 80x, 180 mi
Lville vs Pitt 16x, 390 mi
Va Tech 7x, 385 mi
Cuse 12x, 675 mi
  • Virginia & VPI play each other. VPI plays Lville & Pitt. Lville plays Cuse & Pitt.

School 1 2 3
Pitt vs Lville 16x, 390 mi
Miami 32x, 1175 mi Va Tech 12x, 320 mi
Cuse vs BC 45x, 305 mi
Lville 12x, 675 mi
Duke 2x, 625 mi
BC vs Cuse 45x, 305 mi
Miami 29x, 1495 mi
Wake 20x, 770 mi
  • BC & Cuse play each other. There unfortunately wasn't room for them to play Pitt annually.

So Clemson's schedule for the first 6 years could look like this. It would start completely over every 12 years when the 4 year cycles (5 rotating conference games) & 6 year cycles (out of conference) synced up.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
5-Sep Georgia
@ Athens GA (75 mi) Notre Dame @ Auburn AL (235 mi)
Auburn @ South Bend IN (680 mi)
12-Sep Charlotte Old Dominion Georgia State Appalachian State Middle Tennessee Georgia Southern
19-Sep @ Raleigh NC (295 mi)
North Carolina State @ Raleigh NC (295 mi) North Carolina State @ Raleigh NC (295 mi) North Carolina State
26-Sep @ Syracuse NY (850 mi)
Boston College Syracuse @ Boston MA (960 mi)
@ Syracuse NY (850 mi) Boston College
  • Week 1 let's kickoff the season with a big game to build offseason hype. ACC has Notre Dame on our schedule every 3rd year. We can renew our rivalry with Georgia in between games & alternate Auburn & Tennessee in the other spot.
  • Week 2 we'll play an organized scrimmage against a mid-major from the Sun Belt, C-USA or MAC. I listed out 6 in our footprint that will count toward bowl eligibility.
  • Week 3 is our annual match up with NC State in the Textile Bowl.
  • Week 4 alternates between private yankee schools. We need this game early on the schedule so our Tigers won't freeze on long road trips and Winter is Coming.
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
3-Oct Louisville @ Pittsburgh PA (575 mi)
@ Louisville KY (440 mi)
Pittsburgh Louisville @ Pittsburgh PA (575 mi)
10-Oct @ Miami FL (705 mi)
Virginia Tech @ Blacksburg VA (300 mi)
Miami @ Miami FL (705 mi) Virginia Tech
17-Oct - - - - - -
24-Oct Florida State @ Tallahassee FL (355 mi)
Florida State @ Tallahassee FL (355 mi) Florida State @ Tallahassee FL (355 mi)
31-Oct Duke Wake Forest @ Duke (270 mi)
@ Winston-Salem NC (205 mi)
Duke Wake Forest
  • Week 5 is our other road trip against Big East teams. I think these 2 take football more serious as public & semi-public schools.
  • Week 6 we play Miami or Virginia Tech. I accept both as ACC schools. The conference should have accepted them in 1993 with FSU & made Penn State the 12th school. Would have given SEC a run for their money, even without dumping Wake.
  • Week 7 is the midway point through the season. A great time for a bye week to prepare for the annual ACC Championship Game.
  • We played Florida State in Week 8 this year & it came at a good time on the schedule. Last week before the BCS rankings come out. Plenty of time left for the loser to climb in the polls & time to build hype for a playoff run.
  • Week 9 is our 2nd organized scrimmage against glorified high schools Duke & Wake. Should be a noon kickoff & let the students nap before their Halloween activities.
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
7-Nov @ Charlottesville VA (400 mi)
@ Chapel Hill NC (270 mi)
Virginia North Carolina @ Charlottesville VA (400 mi) @ Chapel Hill NC (270 mi)
14-Nov Georgia Tech @ Atlanta GA (125 mi)
Georgia Tech @ Atlanta GA (125 mi) Georgia Tech @ Atlanta GA (125 mi)
21-Nov Furman Wofford Presbyterian SC State Citadel Coastal Carolina
29-Nov @ Columbia (125 mi)
South Carolina @ Columbia (125 mi) South Carolina @ Columbia (125 mi) South Carolina
  • Week 10 is against public ivys & old money schools UNC & UVA. They will have had 3 months for their wine & cheese to age before our game so the tailgates will be raucous.
  • Week 11 is against Georgia Tech, same as in 2013. I like playing them this late in the season since they're nearby rivals. There's some nice symmetry here with Georgia-Auburn playing this week too.
  • Week 12 is our 3rd organized scrimmage against 1 of our 7 in-state FCS schools. We've never played Charleston Southern before so let's leave them out & rotate through the other 6. I just read Southern is hosting crosstown Citadel for the first time in 2014 because they only have a 4,000 seat stadium. Citadel was desperate to add a game in '14 & 15 because of conference realignment.
  • Week 13. Palmetto Bowl vs. the Chickens. Must win.

Postseason Year 1
7-Dec ACC Championship, Charlotte (135 mi)
3-Jan Orange Bowl , Miami (705 mi)

  • ACC Championship Game will be the 1st place team vs the 2nd place team. No more Atlantic vs Coastal. Last year it would have been #12 FSU (10-2) vs #14 Clemson (10-2). This year it could be #2 FSU (12-0) vs #8 Clemson (11-1).
  • Orange Bowl is ACC Champion (or 2nd place team if Champ is in Playoffs) vs SEC #2, B1G #2 or Notre Dame.
  • We play Sakerlina, NC State & Miami/VPI at home in even years & FSU, Ga Tech & the SEC/Notre Dame at home in odd years.This splits our 6 biggest games up.
  • We alternate the other 8 ACC schools through the remaining 4 spots - 2 home, 2 away each year for a total of 7 home games & 5 away games.
  • We start the season with a big out of conference game, take a break, play 4 ACC games, take a break, play 4 more ACC games, take a break & finish with another big out of conference game.
  • The back half of the schedule - from Week 8 on - is all original ACC. FSU, Duke or Wake, UNC or UVA, Ga Tech, Sakerlina & an in-state FCS team. Just missing NC State from Week 3 & Maryland from the Up North Conference.
  • It looks like our strength of schedule would go up & the diversity would create more interesting match ups.

Every 12 years we play our opponents...

12 times - Sakerlina, FSU, Ga Tech, NC State

6 times - UNC, UVA, Va Tech, Miami, Duke, Wake, Lville, Pitt, Cuse, BC

4 times - Georgia, Notre Dame

2 times - Auburn, Tenn, 6 in-state FCS teams

1 time - 12 different FBS teams

Here's how I'd match up the SEC. The # = # of times the schools have played in the last 80 years (SEC's 1st year, 1933-2012).

SEC 1 2 3
Florida vs Georgia 79x, 350 mi
Auburn 71x, 315 mi
Sakerlina 25x, 360 mi
Georgia vs Florida 79x, 350 mi
Auburn 79x, 170 mi
Sakerlina 55x, 160 mi
Sakerlina vs Georgia 55x, 160 mi
Florida 25x, 360 mi
Bama 15x, 415 mi
Auburn vs Bama 65x, 160 mi
Georgia 79x, 170 mi
Florida 71x, 315 mi
Bama vs Auburn 65x, 160 mi
Tenn 79x, 170 mi
Sakerlina 15x, 415 mi
Tenn vs Bama 79x, 170 mi
Kentucky 80x, 170 mi
Vandy 78x, 180 mi
Vandy vs Tenn 78x, 180 mi
Kentucky 70x, 215 mi
Mizzou 3x, 430 mi
Mizzou vs Arkansas 4x, 290 mi
Kentucky 2x, 260 mi
Vandy 3x, 430 mi
Kentucky vs Tenn 80x, 170 mi
Vandy 70x, 215 mi
Mizzou 2x, 260 mi
Ole Miss vs Miss St 79x, 100 mi
LSU 78x, 345 mi
Arkansas 53x, 380 mi
Miss St vs Ole Miss 79x, 100 mi
LSU 79x, 300 mi
A&M 3x, 570 mi
LSU vs A&M 39x, 340 mi
Miss St 79x, 300 mi
Ole Miss 78x, 345 mi
Arkansas vs A&M 62x, 475 mi
Ole Miss 53x, 380 mi
Mizzou 4x, 290 mi
A&M vs Arkansas 62x, 475 mi
LSU 39x, 340 mi
Miss St 3x, 570 mi

I think this would work out great for all 3 conferences& as for the B1G:

B1G 1 2 3
Rutgers vs Penn St Maryland Indiana
Maryland vs Penn St Rutgers Indiana
Penn St vs Ohio St Maryland Rutgers
Ohio St vs Michigan Penn St Mich St
Michigan vs Ohio St Mich St Nebraska
Mich St vs Michigan Ohio St Illinois
Purdue vs Indiana Illinois NWern
Indiana vs Purdue Maryland Rutgers
Illinois vs NWern Purdue Mich St
NWern vs Illinois Wisc Purdue
Wisc vs Minn Iowa NWern
Minn vs Wisc Nebraska Iowa
Iowa vs Wisc Nebraska Minn
Nebraska vs Michigan Iowa Minn

Enjoy Rutgers & Indiana Terps.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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