Know Thy Enemy: Inaugural Edition

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A look at how each of Clemson's opponents performed this week.

This is going to be a new feature here at STS. Each week we are going to round up the results of the teams on our schedule. Since most of you guys have real lives, we take the hard work of keeping track of our opponents out of your hands.

Auburn Tigers:

After getting curb stomped by LSU last year, the Auburn Tigers decided to show up against LSU in a 12-10 loss. The past two weeks have not made clemson’s victory look that impressive, but this will restore some luster to it.

Ball State Cardinals:

Ball State eeked out a solid victory against next week’s FSU opponent, South Florida. The Cardinals scored a touchdown with a little over a minute left to take the lead, and South Florida couldn’t put one in the endzone as they lost 31-27. Ball State picked the ball off to end things for the Bulls.

Furman Paladins:

The Paladins got a victory over in-state rival Presbyterian. I mean I could write some more but let’s be honest, no one gives a rats ass about Furman and their victories.

Boston College Eagles:

BC had a bye week as they get 2 whole weeks to prepare for a visit from Clemson. We have already opened as a 10-point favorite and need to come out in a mood to kill.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets:

That team from Atlanta lost to one of the worst teams in the conference, Miami. The triple option was not consistent at all for GT, and Miami had enough skill/luck to turn out a victory in overtime, 42-36. Tech scored all their points in the second and third quarter, and from the look of their defense we should be able to put up 35 easily. Hopefully their offense continues to sputter through our game in 2 weeks.

Virginia Tech Hokies:

VT rebounded from their horrendous loss to Pitt by stomping all over Bowling Green. Logan Thomas attempted to prove he actually has some talent with a 144 yard day. Of course he threw one pick and had a solid completion percentage of 42%. At least we know Clemson can play defense against one ACC team.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons:

The small folks from Salem had some trouble beating off an 0-2 Army. The final score was 49-37, but going into the 4th quarter things were never more than 5 points apart. Army actually had a lead at halftime but couldn’t keep the pace up.

Duke Blue Devils:

The nancy boys had an ugly first half before exploding in the second half to win 38-14. Sounds a bit like a game I watched on Saturday night. The Blue Devils had a whopping 4 turnovers in this game, and if things continue like this for Cutcliffe it will not be a very pretty year.

NC State Wolfpack:

The Wolfpack ran roughshod over the Citadel. Final score was 52-14, and this game stopped being important after the first quarter. Citadel exploited the NC State defense on the ground, but only had 27 yards passing. Gameplan is simple when we host these guys in November, give the ball to AE and let him run rampant. Oh and play some defense, but who the hell knows if that will ever happen.

Maryland Terripans:

The turtles managed to keep this one close, but ultimately lost 31-21 to WVU hillbillies. Maryland absolutely shredded the WVU defense with over 300 yards, but didn’t have a lot of success on the ground. Geno Smith continued his "We can’t give a Heisman to anyone but a QB" campaign with some excellent numbers.

South Carolina Gamecocks:

The ‘Cocks throttled SEC newcomer Missouri in their, ‘Hey we didn’t realize the SEC plays big boy football" tour. Seriously what the hell is Mizzou’s problem? If you are going to go to all the trouble of joining the SEC, at least do us a favor and beat the snot out of those folks from Columbia, not lose 31-10. There is a reason I kept driving through the city when I was looking at colleges. Now they just get to be an even bigger pain in the ass for the next week.

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