'The Verdict is Still Out', and Other Notes - Tuesday

Regarding this year's team, the question of the day according to some concerns the ground game. 

But how does a team improve its run defense when losing its two most able run defenders in Da’Quan Bowers and Jarvis Jenkins? How does a team improve against the run when it has one 300-pound defensive lineman on its two-deep roster?

The State

According to The Chad, the verdict is still out on this team.

And the fans are also interested in what the verdict will be on him [Tajh] as well.  But I do agree that the biggest question mark is how Tajh will run this new offense. 


During an interview, Dwayne Allen had a few things to say about how we would stack up against the Troy Defense.

"You spread that field out when you have guys on the outside like Watkins and Jaron Brown and speed backs like (Andre) Ellington and Mike Bellamy," Allen said, "then the tight end gets a lot of love."

The State

Speaking of Ellington, do you think he is the #25th best player in the ACC?  Here is the full rundown according to ESPN.

This DE from Troy may have something to say about the success of the Clemson Offense.  This young man could be a good test for Talh and the Zone Read, as noted in today's post.  

The top performer comes off the edge in the form of First-Team All-SBC defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi. The 6-2, 250-pound junior is coming off a monster sophomore season in which he posted 76 total tackles, 20.5 TFLs and 13.5 sacks.

LA Times

At the end of the day, Let's hope this game does not result as this prediction says it will, which could be a part of a mediocre season, if it does. 

After the guillotine was brought out and displayed at the end of last season, Dabo Swinney has had a pretty tremendous off-season... ...With a recent history of disappointment, the safe bet is the Tigers would be lucky to win four of those seven games. My bet is they win two and a new coach takes the reins in 2012.

Augusta Chronicle

Some on the other hand have Clemson as a part of the national story line, but only as a bump in the road for FSU, among other teams as well.

Florida State the next Saturday [after Oklahoma] must play at Clemson, unusually overlooked and strangely quiet this August. The Tigers are a year or two away from blending young talent into actual ACC contender status, but they are far from chopped barbecue. They certainly are capable of upsetting a good team.

Post and Courier

As bad as it was in 2010, one of the highlights of 2010 was Nuk;  you gotta love his work ethic and what he did on the field.  Most of us know where he got his name, which is why this quote is funny.

Not many people know that back story, and Hopkins hasn't been in a rush to explain. "I tell them I'm 'the bomb' -- the nuclear bomb," he said, grinning.

Charlotte Observer


Here is a video from Doug Rhoads, ACC Coordinator of football officials provides a description of how the 'Taunting Rule' will be applied in the ACC, and how it is different than the celebration rule. 

Speaking of the ACC, t looks like we will be some changes on the syndication of ACC Football games

And I will say I am looking forward to taking advantage of these additional platforms.  But the best part of these developments is that in case you are missing him, you now can catch a little TB before all of the ACC games.

Preceding each ACC Network telecast is the McAlister’s Deli ACC Blitz, a new show for 2011 hosted by Danielle Trotta and two-time ACC Coach of the Year Tommy Bowden. The live studio show will feature a look around the league and preview the upcoming ACC Network Game of the Week.

Former Tiger Willy Korn is suiting up for his final year...  Not exactly the way anyone really expected this young man to end his career, but it looks like he is still winning games, nonetheless. 

He’s not the first former Clemson quarterback to land at NGU.  Former Tiger Billy Luckie played there in the late ‘90s after things didn’t work out for him at Clemson.  In Korn’s case, he seems to have embraced the fact that this is his team, albeit for just a two-year run.


Also, other former tigers are active in the NFL, some more so than others, at least.  Here is a good review.  If Jacoby Ford continues to tear it up like he did last year, then he will be a good pick for your fantasy league.

Finally, for a little chuckle, you may want to read about the ranking of this New York writer.  Part of the reason of this ranking is due to Spurrier's smooth southern charm; a characteristic we all think of first with the ole ball coach, right! 

Lenn Robbins, who covers college football for the New York Post, thinks South Carolina is the best team in the land and has the Gamecocks ranked No. 1.

'With Spurrier's smooth Southern charm and dazzling resume as a college coach...

New York Post

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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