News and Notes; 7 days to Go

We have less than a week until opening kickoff, and you can almost feel the anticipation in the air.  But until the action actually starts, we will find such news as lift safety at Notre Dame to be interesting.

For me, the biggest anticipation for this season is to see how the new revamped offense runs.  Here is another preview of what we might expect of our offense compared to that of our rivals.   

We are all wondering if we can overcome our 6-7 season this year, which ended with a Loss to USF.  Speaking of USF, the Big East is compared to the Mini Cooper of the BCS.  And they are using a win against Clemson to strengthen this argument.   Personally, I am not clear how a win against Clemson really helps you look good.  Once we have done something, I guess it will be a feather in your cap to beat us.

However, some in our conference are still concerned about the tigers this year, whether or not that is warranted.  I guess beating GT would not surprise me, but we have other fish to fry first. 

We are starting to find out a little more about this team; such as who will redshirted, and who will play.  It may not be a big surprise that some of the highly touted freshmen linebackers will get some early playing time this year.  The big excitement that is buzzing right now on the offense is about some of the incoming freshmen receivers, especially Sammy Watkins.  I do agree that these kind of comments tend to overhype the situation.  At the same time, I do look forward to seeing these new guys play, especially in this new offense we have.   

On a more negative note, we also learn that one player on the receiving corps, Joe Craig, will be on the sideline due to a summer brawl with a female.  

Of course, we could be looking to lose our starting quarterback, as LSU will be,  because of being in a bar fight.

While this is a tough situation, it pales in comparison to what the U may be losing.  Not just their starting QB, but half the team is in hot water right now. 

Our recruits seem to be shaping up for the 2012 campaign.   I am not sure if we will get this D-lineman, Eddie Goldman, but right now we are still on his list, anyway. 

On the NFL side, it is tough to see our former Jarvis Jenkins get injured.  I am not sure the last time we had a defensive lineman in the NFL, but it seems like it has been a long time, anyway.  He will be out for the year.  Hopefully he can come back strong next year and represent the tigers well.   

For those of you on the northeast who are more worried about Irene than the upcoming football season, please make sure you properly prepare.   This includes boarding up your windows from the exterior unlike these poor chaps down in College Station.

Speaking of Texas A & M, the best thing about action starting, is the hope that we don't have to hear about super conferences, Texas A&M, and the almighty SEC.  Well two out of three ain't bad. 

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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