Clemson back in for Clowney


courtesy of ESPN.... updated at 4:10

Jadeveon Clowney told Lowell Galindo on ESPNU that Clemson has re-entered the mix for his services following an official visit over the weekend. He named Clemson, South Carolina and Alabama as his finalists; said that he has not made up his mind yet; did not say anything about a trip to LSU; and confirmed that he will wait until his birthday, Feb. 14, to announce, saying he wants to make sure that he makes the right decision.


Jadeveon Clowney, the No. 1 recruit in the nation, will not announce his college choice until his birthday, Feb. 14. So the speculation about where he'll land will likely only get more intense once signing day has ended.

The top two teams have long been Alabama and South Carolina, but after a visit to Clemson over the weekend, it appears to be a three-way battle. But a report on ESPN Radio Monday night has a fourth team, LSU, in the mix. There are rumors that Clowney will be traveling to Baton Rouge this weekend for an official visit, although Palmetto Sports' Phil Kornblut quotes a source saying the trip is nearly impossible.

Clowney has a basketball game Friday night, a football banquet Saturday afternoon and another basketball game Saturday night. The source could not say with complete certainty that Les Miles wouldn't be seeing the five-star defensive end, but it sure doesn't appear Clowney would have enough time to leave South Carolina without missing at least one of those events.

For what it's worth,'s Jamie Newberg tweets that Clowney told him the decision is already made, and Newberg's money is on the Gamecocks....


Which leads me to ask about the situation with Roderick Byers and how they hate each other. I saw on the signing day thread that his signing would keep Clowney from signing here. Im sure that Clowney is aware of his signing here so what does that mean?? My guess would be it doesnt factor much as he's the number one recruit so he'll go where he wants regardless of anyone else. Also Clowney had to be impressed by what Clemson was able to bring in today. Anyone have some thoughts on this?? 


Also i found this on a thread board supposedly a statement from Byers about Clowney, cannot validate at all though 

"dat not true at all i i think thats crazy and me and clowney are cool all of us are, dixons tell each other they glad each other getting offers, man thats just crazy talk"

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