(Kinda) Trivial things I would like to change at Clemson

Go Tigers!

Just some random things I wish I had the power to change here at Clemson...

-the woohoo.. I hate it. Im sure everyone here (as great as this site is) hates it too.  It pisses me off sometimes so much I can't celebrate a big play or score as much as Id like.  Watched the VT game from Triple T's downtown.. they play Tiger Rag over the speakers and way too many people are woo hooing.. I gave a couple of em a dirty look and put my finger over my mouth.  Seriously.. its embarrasing.  If I cant imagine someone like Dannny Ford or Nick Saban doin it..I dont want it done here!

-I want DV to be CONSISTENTLY loud and intimidating.  We dont need to wait til the other team gets lined up and they all got the call down.  We need to be loud at all times when an opposing O has the ball.. on the field, huddled up, during timeouts.  Play music when allowed. The band ought to play loud and distracting noise like they did at VT.  Heck, pump in crowd noise. I know its bush league and its def not ideal in my mind. Maybe if we only did that for a little while and saw that it affected the other team, it would motivate us to consistently be loud ourselves.  I want teams to be afraid to come to DV!  I know that 90% of that is up to our team.. but I dont believe we the fans our doing our absolute best either.

-One thing I complained about in the past.. BUT have seen a pretty good improvement of this year, is some good pump up music played in DV (Ex: Thunderstruck by AC/DC) and the crowd being led better in cheers. Clemson! Tigers!

-Orange jerseys/Purple Pants and White Jerseys/Purple Pants!  These are the only two combos I hate.  I like the rest at different degrees.  I know many will disagree (and I do understand why).. but I cant get upset at all about seeing all orange at anytime. I just love that combo so much.  Like I said..I like the rest of the combos at diff degrees.. but HATE the two I mentioned.

- Dabos done some really good things to our unis imo... but left a couple things undone.  Bringing back the big paw on the helmet was huge!  Also, I love the thick stripes on the pants.  Two things though I believe should be done as well... First off.. put the paw back on top of the shoulder pads!  And Id also love to see the numbers on the jerseys enlarged some..along with the trim enlarged as well.  Have you noticed how thick the purple stripes are on our helmets and pants.. but how THIN they are around the numbers?  Doesn't match.. Plus I think bigger numbers look a little more traditional and also a little more intimidating.

-I wonder if we could bring back more former players to visit like the U does..  This could actually be happening but Im just not aware of it.

-Danny Ford needs to be in Ring of Honor (by himself).   It would be great if Danny would be as visible here like Howard was after he retired.  Our coaches prob should be allowed and even encouraged to chew tobacco on gamedays.

- I wish outsiders would get the pronuciations of ClemPson and Dabo down or just leave our names outta their mouths altogether.  If you wanna talk like some stuck up sissy you got no business talking about a football team from Pickens County bro.

-I wish we could get a big parking garage somewhat near to the stadium.  Not sure where it could go though.

-If half the stuff you hear about Barker and the rest of the administration is true they need to go or change.  I want some leaders that care as much about this team as I do and are willing to support them 110%!  Is there anything we can do?

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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