Undefeated - Week 7

I think my heart has finally returned to its normal rhythm after Saturday night’s near death experience.  Granted, it’s a little over-exaggerated, but to be honest an 18 point deficit in the 3rd quarter has never been a catalyst for Clemson success.  However, color me ecstatic after the Tigers were able to come from an 18 point deficit and still cover the spread.  Clemson remains among the nations ever dwindling unbeaten teams.  The win shows two things; we have the heart and determination to win, while we still have several areas to improve on.  The theme I keep hearing over and over is “Just keep winning”, and every time I hear it, it sounds like this…



Week 7 was not a kind one to the teams seeking perfection.  We all know three dropped from the ranks this week.  Georgia Tech looked mediocre at best on the road against a hungry Virginia team.  This left us as the only unbeaten team in the ACC.  Illinois fell to an Ohio St. team that hasn’t lived up to its expectations this year.  Finally, Michigan (the only one I thought could lose that lost) was upset by its little brother school.  Congrats to the Spartans, who could prove to be a thorn in the BCS contenders’ side this year.  This week has a few games that could shake things up, but the top teams are playing shutout football at the moment.


(1)   LSU vs. (20) Auburn

(2)   Alabama vs. Tennessee

(3)   Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech

(4)   Oklahoma St. @ Missouri

(5)   Boise St. vs. Air Force

(6)   Wisconsin @ (16) Michigan St.

(7)   Clemson vs. North Carolina

(8)   Stanford vs. (25) Washington

(11) Kansas St. vs. Kansas

(19) Houston vs. Marshall


Looking at the schedule for week 8 it doesn’t appear that any team is definitely going to go down.  Unfortunately, Air Force is one of the “tough” games for Boise St.  However, they would have to really shoot themselves in the foot to lose that game.  Michigan St. has a legitimate chance at upsetting Wisconsin, but I do think Wisconsin is just too balanced to fall right now.  I would imagine Stanford has a huge chip on their shoulder after getting shafted by the BCS this Sunday, and I think they’ll handle Washington.  For once, I won’t pick Kansas St. to fall.  They win ball games, plain and simple.  Houston, like Boise St., has a cupcake walk the rest of the way so we’ll see how that pans out.  I don’t think they’ll slip against Marshall.  So basically, I’m not calling for anyone to lose, but I think Stanford will have the closest game.


Who is your upset pick this week?

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