Tommy Bowden interview

Go Tigers!

  Few excerpts from an interview with TB I read today...  some stuff made me laugh..some pissed me off..all showed me what an arrogant and clueless guy this is.  

.......What's it like being in the media now?

"I feel like I have to shower every three or four hours. I feel dirty all the time. It's a lot easier than coaching, but there's still preparation and stuff like that you have to do, which is not that hard because I enjoy sports. I'm using words that I don't even know if they're words. I used 'physicality' the other day for the first time. Don't know what it means."

LOL  Tommy Bowden isnt sure what PHYSICALITY means.  DUH


........Your brother Terry stayed out 10 years and then returned. What would it take for you to return to coaching?

"If a situation came up that I could financially hire a good staff -- more so than how much they pay the head coach -- and retain them. And then facilities where you can recruit and a very good place geographically. If something like that came open, I might look at it. You know, when I got out of coaching, within two months I had met with an AD in the SEC, talked with presidents or ADs in the Big 12, Conference USA and Big East, and nothing really came up. I don't know if I would have gotten any jobs. But I wasn't really excited at that point in time."

Looks to me like he's just desperately trying to show he's appeciated and respected.   How many times have u heard his name come up for a job opening? Seriously.. That should tell you all you need to know about him as a coach.


.........Clemson's ranked in the top 10. How far do you think they can go?

"I think they can go a long ways. It reminds me a little bit when I went there offensively (in) 1999-2000.

(You mean.. Rich Rod's OFFENSE, not yours!)

They have a new offense, kind of new in the conference and they're ahead of the curve. It might catch up to them in three years. (Wide receiver) Sammy Watkins is terrific. If I had Sammy Watkins, I'd still be there.

(This is the one that rubbed me wrong the most.  Really Tommy?  If you would have had Watkins, you'd still be here? You arrogant clueless prick.  Forgetting Woody Dantzler, Rod Gardner, Travis Zachery, Youngblood, Crosby, Ben Hallman, Hamilton, Charlie Whitehurt, Stuckey, James Davis, and CJ FREAKING SPILLER?!!)

"They're hitting it at the right time. Timing is important. I hit that with (playing games against) Michael Vick, I hit Philip Rivers, I hit Matt Ryan, I hit Chad Pennington, I hit Chris Weinke. You can hit it at the right time. (Dabo Swinney) is hitting it at the right time. He's got good players. The defense is very solid and he'll be favored from here on out. So he could very easily win the rest of them."

(So the main reason Dabo's doing well right now, and took us to the ACC game before.. is because were not having to go against this HALL OF FAME?  What a punk. Michael Vick? You played him TWICE.  Pennington? ONCE.  Did Joe Montana play for Duke in 2004.. or what about Wake Forest??)

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