Clemson wins at College of Charleston

Clemson picked up a good win over a quality opponent, winning at College of Charleston 66-59.   Clemson trailed by 3 at the half.  After C of C picked up the first two buckets of the second half, Brownell called a 30 second timeout.  Whatever he said during that timeout must've gotten through to his guys.  Clemson came out and scored the next 8 points to take a 34-33 lead, and never trailed after that.  Clemson's final victory margin of 7 was their largest lead of the game.  The Tigers showed some growth in closing out their opponent in a close game, as they failed to do so in their ACC opener against FSU.

If you were to tell me that Clemson's best player, Demontez Stitt, would be held to 8 points on 4-11 shooting and C of C's best player, Andrew Goudelock, would score 21 points on 8-15 shooting, I would've guessed Clemson had lost by double digits.  But Clemson used a very balance scoring attack, led by Jerai Grant's 15 points.  Grant made 2 clutch free throws with 12 seconds left to seal the deal.  For the game, Grant was 9-9 from the line and the team was 12-14.

If you look at the stats, the game was very evenly played.  Clemson shot 42% from the floor compared to 40% for C of C.  Clemson had 10 offensive rebounds compared to 13 for C of C.  But the difference in the game was that Clemson didn't give possessions away.  Clemson's old arch nemesis, the turnover, only reared it's ugly head a measly 7 times.  C of C countered with 14 turnovers.  That right there is the difference in the ball game.  

This is a good win for Clemson.  As I stated in the gamethread preview, C of C was 8-3 coming into this game.  Their 3 losses: @ Maryland by 1, Rhode Island by 9, and @ UNC by 5.  Not too shabby.  

Another thing to help everyone keep perspective, is how the rest of the ACC has been fairing.  Here are a few outcomes in the past 2 days

Wake Forest lost at home to Presbyterian 66-64.  Wake might be the worst BCS conference team.

UVA beat a 1-8 Norfolk State team by 1 and lost at home to a 4-10 Seattle team.

NC State beat a 4-6 Delaware State team by 2 points on a last second Scott Wood jumper.

Ga Tech lost to a 4-6 Sienna team by 5.

So as disappointed as we may get after Clemson losses, Clemson hasn't suffered a bad loss yet this year.  Clemson hasn't even had a near defeat that could've been considered a bad loss.  I still believe that this team will continue to improve and has a chance to finish in the top 6 in the ACC this year.

Good win tonight.

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