Dabo Swinney

I think the biggest issue with Dabo and the offensive coaches (as Figure Four pointed out) is the utter lack to coach anybody up.  How could the offensive line not be better by the end of the year?  How could the receivers (now the freshmen and sophomores that are playing) not catch more balls?  That route running was atrocious and while our QBs looked bad all year, I really question if they ever knew where someone was going to be on any play?  Our offensive coaching staff is horrible and cannot coach to a season of film, let alone a half of football. 

Barker will not be let go, so he is the one who needs to hear it from us.  It is time for Terry Don Phillips to go and must be fired right away.  As sad as our football display was this year, Dabo will not get fired.  He sure as hell better fire the line coach and OC right away, but sadly what coordinator worth their salt is going to want to come here anyway with the pressure Dabo should be under now and definitely will be under next year.  People have said Whipple and Caldwell for the OC and line coach.  The only way Caldwell is coming here is if Bobby Johnson is the new AD and is Bobby really going to want to share the AD role with Brad Scott's fat bat because he isn't going anywhere with the recruits he and his son are tied to.  Whipple is probably too smart to come here, but we should try...This is assuming Napier is fired tomorrow, but we are going to mess around because he might get the Furman HC and Dabo won't want to ruin that for him. The Furman University Christian Knights are controlling Clemson Football!  I think we need to accept that the only change the fans can force this year is the AD.  We will lock up our Top 5 recruiting class that we won't be able to coach until 2012 when we get a really coach in here with absolutely no ties to Clemson in the past 20 years.

My 2012 HC Wish List is

Jim Harbaugh (the only reason an offensive mind tops my list is that offense can win, I'm not sold on Stanford the team, but that offense is legit and would fit well in the ACC)  He will probably be off the market though...

Kirby Smart (Alabama's defense is going to give up only 10 pts. per game next year...That defense was really young this year)

Bud Foster (I don't care who Va. Tech lost to this year, he is a hell of a coach.  Keep in mind the only teams Va. Tech lost to this year were outside of the ACC)

Dan Mullens (I'm watching Florida's offense at Mississippi State.  They are 8-4 with their 4 losses to Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, and LSU)

Go Tigers and while I would love a change...There aren't enough balls on campus to can the AD and Football coach in the same year.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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