TOP 10 Things to Change at CLEMSON NOW 

1. Clean House....just clean is embarrassing...A 2-5 Boston College team uses us to get off the mat after losing 5 games in a row...I can hear it now, "AH, we got Clemson next week, we will win.period! We are a laughing stock now--cant deal with it...Clemson is that "Just What the Doctor ordered" team in other teams eyes...We are a fucking joke and I am sick of it and the ways it negatively affects my attitude and life....Losing sucks! BUT, the same ole fucking movie over and over again each week gets old fast. 

2. STOP the "WHOO_HOO_HOOING during Tiger Rag--Please!!

3. Get rid of the purple! White on white on the road and orange on white at home and in some "special" games, solid orange! We have lost so many times during the last 10 years in solid orange it doesnt even matter anymore...Hell, take the names off the jerseys and wear white socks and black cleats if thats what it takes for our TIGERS to develop some chemistry. 

4. GET SWAGGER somehow, someway and play with the swagger every week...How many bad performances do you see Alabama, TCU, Oregon putting on?

5. Take bubble, sideways, slip screens out of the fucking playbook NAPIER!!


7. Sign a "Real Deal" place-kicker! and stop mooching off the soccer team, hole in the wall bars,etc...

8. BEAT USuCK in 3 weeks please!    Find a way to get it done that day Tigers....Lets rally, atleast for 3 1/2 hours and have a very special day in those hills.

9. BE Physical....not just "play" physical BUT BE PHYSICAL....consistently.

10. Build the new house!! This is the fun part.....The sun will shine on CLEMSON again one day soon if our beloved university and athletic department DOES actively pursue and commit to winning in our athletic programs 110%.....Possible prospects/resources  needed for building of new house (Coaches, AD, President, etc...) Such assets mentioned below need to seriously be considered, especially when the majority of those listed have a love and passion for Clemson.

Dwight Clark

Levon Kirkland

Danny Ford

Jeff Davis

I know one thing for sure....that bull shit MOVIE and roller-coaster ride today at Boston College would not have had the same ending if any combination of the people above were involved in the decision making process with our football team....I bet Levon Kirkland for example, wouldnt put up with this embarrassing shit! Right now, it is absolutely embarrassing to be a Clemson Tiger....I love em...a whole lot at that and it hurts at the end of the day...There arent many things in life I want more than for the Tigers to win win win and win freaking big...So loving something or someone so passionately while times are BAD is actually pretty dad-gum hard..GO TIGERS FOREVER & ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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