Crapfest 8 - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (UNC Reprise at Boston)

Well I took a week off from commentary and what did it get me? 

Another crapfest. 

This was a reprise of the UNC game.  The team really stunk it up today, and it looked like they spent Friday night out at a Hahvad Bah getting wasted, because they were lackluster, limp, and lifeless.

I'm not sure why, because with the gift from NC St on Thursday, they should have had every reason to come out fired up and take charge of the game.

Instead it looked like a blast from the not-so-distant past, when Bowden's team's repeatedly pulled this sort of crap. 

This was one of those "no reason to lose this game" kind of games that we nonetheless found a way to lose.

The Good:

  • Allen made 7 catches. 
  • Rashard Hall intercepted for a TD.
  • McNeal made 4 catches, which was an improvement.
  • OK, I'm really searching here...

The Bad:

  • OL blocking.  It seemed we had the return of "matador style" blocks on several plays.  I expected some difficulty in rushing since their rush D was good.
  • Rush defense.  We gave up far too many yards and allowed them to drive.
  • Punt returns.  Matador blocking on our returns resulted in no chance for returns.
  • Too many empty sets.  Again we looked more like Texas Tech than whoever the hell we are trying to be.  With a middling group of receivers and a QB who can't hit the side of a barn, we should not be trying to run the Air Raid offense.
  • 14 carries for Ellington.  20 rushes overall for the backs.
  • Catanzaro misses a 36 yd FG.  I'll cut him slack on the 44 yarder.
  • Fumbled kick return from Harper.
  • Hopkins.  Plenty of balls went his way, but he caught only one today.

The Ugly:

  • Kyle Parker looked like a freshman in his first college game. 
    • He repeatedly vacated the pocket when there was no pressure, always rolling to his right.  This freed up the pass rushers to provide the pressure that had previously been missing.  The whole concept of stepping up into the pocket was lost on him today.
    • After rolling out, he threw ridiculous passes instead of running for yards or throwing it away.  2 of these passes were intercepted.
    • Other passes still way off the mark.  He has regressed from last season.
  • The absurd roughing the passer call on 3rd and 26, extending their drive.
  • Whoever the hell was supposed to cover their back on the wheel route which scored a TD.
  • The DL in the first half, which got pushed around, created little pressure, and generally was not a factor.  Bowers who?
  • The overall lack of effort, fire, emotion, whatever you want to call it.  This looked like a 4-7 team phoning in the last game.  Which they may well be in a few weeks.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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