Game 6 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

More good than bad or ugly this week, as the Tigers pull out a much needed win by 24 points!  (Plus, some redemption for stinking it up against the Twerps recently.)

This was not a perfect game, but it was a victory by a significant margin over a team that we should easily beat. 


  • Bowers is finally living up to his billing.  He brought big time pressure, getting 3 sacks.  He leads the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss.  It’s about time.
  • Takeaways – The defense had 3 interceptions, one for a TD.  It’s about time.
  • Special teams
    • Maryland led the nation in punt returns, and we limited them to nothing special all day.
    • On the other hand, we had a kick return for a TD and one really nice punt return.
  • No fumbles, no interceptions
    • Parker threw a would-be INT directly to a defender in the flat, who fortunately could not hold on to it.  If he had, he would have run for a score.  That was a terrible throw to a completely blanketed receiver. (Maybe it counts as half an INT.)
  • Defense allowed only 44 yards rushing
  • Kyle Parker rushing
    • 10 carries for 41 yards.  We took advantage of their defense keying on the RB during those shotgun runs, and it paid off big for the QB.  He ran well when asked to.  I don’t know if those were reads or called runs, but either way, the defense followed the RB.
  • Penalties – Only 3 for 30 yards.  No huge backbreaking penalties.


  • TD given up on a busted play.  Granted, it was a trick play throwback to the QB, but it was yet another bust by the defense for an easy score.
  • Yet another huge 1st down given up on 3rd and 18 by our defense.  Somehow they get the first?!?!  It seems like the chance of converting goes up with the number of yards to be gained!
  • Rushing game
    • Pretty ineffective.  It did not look like the OL was moving anyone.  I think Maryland was (wisely) trying to stuff the run and force us to pass.  Given our receivers, and the inability of the QB to complete a pass, not a bad strategy.
    • Specifically, Harper rushing, 8 carries, net 8 yards.  Good Lord.  OK, one of those was short yardage for a TD, but he didn’t exactly power it in there on that one.  I’m really glad he can catch - he had a big pass reception (but also a drop)


  • Kyle Parker passing
    • Another putrid day passing the ball as Parker goes 7/20.  Some of those were drops, but even so it was just plain bad (again.)

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