Crapfest 5: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly


It all seems ugly after yet another craptastic performance like that. 

But actually there were a few positives (not enough to overcome the negatives however.)


  • New receivers were played.  The veterans who can't catch mostly sat on the bench.
    • Balls were actually caught by these receivers.  Wow, a passing game.  Not a great one, but at least something.
  • The line pass blocked fairly well. 
    • No sacks were given up.
  • No fumbles were lost, or interceptions thrown.
  • Swinney took the blame for the loss.  He specifically stated that the team is not good, and that it is his fault.  He acknowledges the errors as coaching problems.
    • A loss is still a loss, but this is at least a step forward from Bowden.  He never accepted blame for anything, and would have told us something like "50% of the teams lose every Saturday", or "there's lots of parity in the league now", etc.  At least the coach admits he blew it (which he did.)
  • No "free" touchdowns were given to the opponent on stupidity plays.


  • No fumbles forced or interceptions.  (One potential INT erased by needless penalty.)
  • Too many 5WR sets, or sets where Harper motioned out to create 5 WR.  We looked like Hawaii or Texas Tech. 
    • This, against a previously sub-mediocre run defense?
      • Was the gameplan to throw so much because UNC presumably prepared for us to mount a rushing attack?  Makes no sense...
  • Huge stretches of the game where Ellington was not present, or else on the field but not carrying it.
    • He was somewhat limited today, but still averaged 4.6 ypc.  That is good enough to get you first downs.
  • Harper still garnered about 50% of the carries, even though he ended up with a feeble 2.5 ypc, thanks to being unable to either hit the hole or break a tackle.
    • Never has a back so large carried the ball like a back so small.
    • On the year so far, Ellington gets 77% more yards per carry than HarperThere is NO QUESTION he is a more effective runner.  Give him the ball and run Harper only when Ellington needs oxygen.


  • Idiotic inopportune penalties.  Although there is maybe no good time for a penalty, continuously extending drives for the opponent with them is very, very bad.
  • Total defensive lapses, again.  This time not for TDs, but still bad.  One on a 51 yd catch.  Another would have been a TD if the ball were thrown better.  We got lucky there
  • Inability to get a defensive stop, even when it was obvious the call was a run.  Nonexistent defense for much of the 4th quarter.
    • The D will make good plays, but then cancel those out with whiffs on 3rd and 4th downs (and/or penalties.)
  • Allowed 4 for 4 on fourth down conversions.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.

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