BC Visits Tigertown

Here is what the Tigers need this weekend

Some pure physical play. Obviously, we will be watching what happens up front. Traditionally, Clemson gets pushed around and beat up against the Eagles. BC has been so much bigger and more physical than Clemson since the two schools started playing each other again earlier this decade.
Admittedly, I don't know much about the '09 Eagles (and I don't think that I am alone being ignorant about BC) other than they have beaten the crap out of Northeasten and Kent State.

Here is what the guys at ESPN think: Gameday Preview

Dr. B has done an excellent job breaking down Spaz's defense. An interesting note will be the QB play from BC, and specifically who will be under center for the Eagles. Fr. Justin Tuggle and 25 year old freshman Dave Shinskie have shared snaps for the first two games of the season. Shinskie obviously played some minor league baseball before enrolling at Boston College. With such a lack of experience at the QB position and large bodies on the right side of the offensive line, I would suspect the Eagles will try to assert the running game early. BC does not, however, have a beefy tough tailback that can deliver tough hits.

This game should give Tiger fans a good look at how physically prepared the team has gotten over the off season, and the first full game loo at Landon Walker. By now everyone knows about his slack practice attitude, and hopefully he has made the proper adjustments to become a good offensive lineman for the Tigers this season.

Bottom line for Saturday is that Clemson is much more talented than BC overall. The play of our linebackers will be important, assuming BC gets the normal push that they have gotten over the past few years up front.

First off, Clemson will have to avoid the GT loss hangover. After hearing the players and coaches for the past week, I personally do not think this will be a problem. Dabo is upbeat and has openly stated that he will not let last week's heart breaker affect the balance of the season.

What we will be looking for is the elimination of silly mistakes. Clemson will not be successful this week or any week with missed tackles, poor blocking, and dropped passes. Clemson certainly will not be successful with poor trick play decisions. We want to see Clemson get back to the basics...just line up and beat someone without all the bells and whistles. We want to see four full quarters of good fundamental football out of the Tigers.

On a side note, TDP has listened to all the bitching and moaning and moved the TCU game to 3:30.

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