Clemson picked #2 in the Division bywriters

Clemson was voted 2nd in the ACC Atlantic Division by the Media at the ACC Football Kickoff, behind FSU, and ahead of NC State and WF. Clemson garnered 14 of 87 possible 1st place votes, and 2 picked us to win the ACC outright, telling me that a lot of people are drinking some KoolAid.

Preseason Picks by the Media:
1. FSU
2. Clemson
3. NC State
4. Wake Forest
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

1. VT
2. GT
3. UNC
4. Miami
5. The White Meat
6. Puke

The only difference between my picks and the conference is that I still think so much of Al Grobe's ability to coach that they'll finish 3rd in the division. I'm not buying all the Wilson hype at NCSU. The media also picks VT to win it all, and I'm going for FSU.

Conference Preseason Player of the Year went to Dwyer (39 votes) over CJ (28). I would have to agree until I see Clemson GIVE CJ THE DAMN BALL 20-25 times per. Dwyer will get it 25-30 most likely, so I'd expect him to have at least 1500 yards.

Dabo made a few comments to the media, stating that M. Goodman and J.K. Jay will likely see significant PT if August goes well for them. He also mentioned what we've said here: whomever gets 2nd string QB will still play, and he's more worried about the QB position than WR right now.

He was also asked whether he interviewed other potential Off Coordinators....the answer was no.

TE Sam Cooper (6'5 230) committed, choosing us over Michigan State, Duke, and Arkansas State. He runs track in HS as well. He's only rated a 2-star by Rivals.

CB Martin Jenkins (5'9" 166) also committed, considered a sleeper that wasn't really recruited by anyone. He sent tape of himself in to the Staff and they invited him for a visit, and he got the offer. Either everyone else missed this guy or he's a total sleeper. His dad played with Steele at UT, and then played in the NFL for a year. He's quite fast, running a 10.6 100m, finishing 4th in 5A Georgia Track, and is timed at 4.35. I wouldn't turn away speed, but I think the "dad" factor did play a part here. Apparently the kid also badly wanted to come here. Only Syracuse has confirmed offer, but interest was coming from Florida and Ole Piss. He has no star-rating.

At 11 commits, out of likely 22, I think we're shaping up for a solid, but possibly not stellar class. Its fair to point out that all the big guys hold off til January though, so theres no reason to get discouraged yet. I have to say we should be full at DB by now though.

Ron Morris believes we need fewer slogans and more wins. No Shit Ron.

Then he goes into detail about how Bowden and Dabo are polar opposites.

Ricky Sapp has been steadily improving and rates himself at 95 percent so far, though the coaches really believe he's ready to play full-speed again.

EDIT: OG David Beasley, 6'4" 291, a 3-Star (#27 at position) recruit from Carver GA, has also committed. He chose us over offers from Arkansas, Louisville, Maryland, Southern Miss, Miami, UCLA, Ole Piss, and USuCk. This is our 12th commitment. From Scout:

Beasley has the size and athleticism we like to see for the guard position at the major level of competition. This is a tough aggressive player who can maul defenders when he gets into their pads; works hard to finish with quite a few pancake blocks. Looks long legged and a little stiff in the lower body but displays good balance and plays on his feet well; adjusts well to change of direction moves. Too high coming out of his stance hindering his initial explosion into a defender; can get stalemated and will narrow his base, does sustains well with good leg drive; continues to battle and eventually gets movement off the line of scrimmage. Shows the initial quickness to gain leverage when reach blocking; consistently gets to 2nd level defenders; have yet to see him pull and trap. Inconsistent in pass protection but his athletic ability allows him to succeed at the high school level of competition. Flashes quick set ability but will have to improve his knee bend and learn to slide his feet and play flat footed. Has light feet and can adjust to change of direction moves. Must improve his initial punch, location and extension; plays too tall and leans in with his head; should be a good out of the box player. We like his tough aggressive play, however he must improve his flexibility and techniques; playing with a lower center of gravity will help. Right now he wins a lot of battles on toughness, shear playing strength and athleticism. Beasley does not project as an immediate starter; after a red shirt year which will allow him the time to polish his skills he should begin to see playing time and eventually become a solid starter.

His teammate Corey Crawford, a 6'5" 235lb Weakside DE, rated 43rd nationally (3-stars) also committed this afternoon. Crawford has offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, Maryland, Memphis, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, South Carolina and Southern Miss.

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